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Caring & Confidential Registered Hypnotherapy

Stress, anxiety and depression all go hand in hand at this point and the initial onset of detrimental stress can grow out of control and then manifest itself in many different ways, including physically.

The danger is when stress reaches a point where you can't see any way out of your situation or the way you feel, so you become depressed or start to develop anxiety attacks or related disorders.

The old list of the most stressful life changing events (ie changing jobs, relationship break ups and moving house) is slowly giving way to new ones such as debt, performance pressure. Work related stress is now one of the most prevalent reasons for lost working days.

Often past traumas can give us feelings of inappropriate anger, sadness, fear or guilt that we carry with us making us more vulnerable to stressful situations and can force us into coping strategies that may not necessarily be healthy (eg smoking or drinking) and in the long term may in fact hold us back.

Ok, so what can I do to help you deal with this and change your situation? Well, it's not necessarily productive or practical changing your circumstances and sometimes it's not necessarily what is happening to us that is causing the problem but how we are dealing with it. When this is the case we need to isolate the real cause of the problem and to see how your coping mechanism can be improved or re-routed to help you deal with a situation.

Using Hypnotherapy I can help you reduce or eliminate stress, stop the anxiety attacks and put you back in control of your life and equip you with all the resources you need to easily manage problems and situations as they occur.

Anxiety & Stress

Personal and work stress is on the rise. As our world becomes more demanding and personal circumstances become more complicated and pressured it seems sometimes that there are situations and pressures piling up on us bit by bit.

Relationships are more tested than they ever have been before due to increased working hours and pressure as well as constant financial stress and trying to keep your head above water. We are also expected to perform at higher standards more now than ever before and with the economic squeeze people are expected to provide better results, work longer hours and not earn a great deal more for it.

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