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Weight Loss

Have you ever tried a diet?  GI?  Atkins?  South Beach?  Did you manage to lose any weight?  If so, how long was it before you found yourself piling the pounds back on?

It is estimated that at any one time in the UK 1 in 3 of us is on a diet of some form or other.  If diets, especially fad diets, are that good then why are there so many of them out there?  Surely there would be no need for so many as they would have helped you lose the weight and more importantly keep it off!!



Where these diets fail is that they do not address why people overeat in the first place.  For most people it is simply a habit that has been formed.  For others it may be an emotional response to a situation.  Either way diets do nothing to help with the real reason why people are overweight.

Hypnotherapy however will address these reasons.  It will help you form a new relationship with food, to gain a greater respect for it and the role it plays in your life, and ultimately it will allow you to permanently change your eating habits.  


Weight Loss
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Weight Loss.